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Business Continuity Intelligence


Business Continuity Governance


Crisis mode

Business Continuity Intelligence

Embed business continuity into the business processes

Document, exploit and visualize all continuity intelligence around business processes: Proces contributions to organizational goals, RTO (or Maximal accpeted Outages), RPO (or maximal accepted data losses), process classification, process dependencies,...

Visualize risks

Document, exploit and visulaize business risks. The business impact risk analysis creates awareness and allows to document preventive and/or corrective actions. You can inject self-choosen risk taxonomies or use the preloaded risk cards (including cyber risks information risks and EU-GDPR risks)

Plan-Do-Check-Act in practice

Documented testing, maturity self- assessment modules, corrective and preventive measures follow-up, crisis-debriefings, maturity follow-up, data-quality status are all contributors to constant improvement. RealBCP provides hence an embedded PDCA-cycle.

Business Continuity Governance

Make maturity obvious

Assure for a measurable and visible maturity: each step towards resilience is tagged with a status, allowing general overview of actual maturity. Ideal tool for the BCM responsible but also for other stakeholders like Managers, Auditors,..

Keep your BCMS up-to-date

Keep your BCMS up to date, assure for a measurable and demonstratable quality of information: each step towards resilience is indicated with a data-status, allowing to see how up to date the BCMS actually is. Because continuity planning only works when your continuity intelligence is up-to-date,..

Show maturity

Several stakeholders like for instance Business Responsibles, Internal Auditors or Authorities can benefit viewing of actual maturity. The on-board self-assessment module is a contributor to visible maturity.

Crisis Mode

Rapid Risk Response

Simulate outages and see the business impact instantly.


RealBCP governance provides a desktest, a test based on a non-ICT fictive event and a test based on an ICT-fictive event. You are able to log the test as if it were a real crisis. This results in a constantly improving BCM-maturity.

Real Crisis mode

In a real crisis, you organize for a granular crisis- response including crisis assesment, - launch, -communications, -actions, -termination and crisis debriefing, all integrated in a time-stamped visual log.

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