Complete lifecycle

An integrated BCMS

RealBCP® is an integrated business continuity management system offered in a secured private-cloud- or stand-alone setup. RealBCP® covers an entire business continuity lifecycle and differentiates by being device independent, easy to use and crisis-specific.


Tailored services

Our business model combines the use of RealBCP®’s BCMS with a range of tailored expert services from preparation tracks, reviews, assessements, awareness sessions, work-sessions, deploying your BCMS to testing your BCMS. On top, expert-assistance in a pre-, ongoing- or postcrisis context are available.


Quality checks

We always guard that milestones, deliverables, quality and maturity are effectively achieved, measured, reported and debriefed.


Open resources

Our clients are free to add self-choosen consultants and/or own staff in the implementation and handling of RealBCP. RealBCP offers training and Certification tracks for all practiotioners and stakeholders.

Advisory certification

This certification is a personal proof of knowledge, professionalism, trust, cultural fit and empowerment, guaranteed by RealBCP regarding the RealBCP method, -platform, -service agreement and –strategy, in respect of the Certified Consultant. This Certification allows the Certified Consultant to perform as Lead Consultant and/or to perform catalogued RealBCP services as also quality- and milestone checks.

Sales certification

Our partners’ Account Managers and Presales personnel are entitled to a Sales certification. This certification aims business development and sees that our unique selling propositions are translated to unique bying reasons for our common clients.

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