About us

You want co-creative and knowledge-sharing consultants

Working together and understanding your exact needs is the key of our common succes. 

You want experiencers and innovators

Assuring your resilience and knowing your business is our driving passion. EU-Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - breaches and the handling of cyber-risks are embedded subjects in RealBCP.

You want results

We subscribe for effective results within agreed timeframes.  Our thinkin is non-linear though methodical, that is why your results will be working and valuable in your specific business context.

You get completeness

We approach business continuity as a core risk-management process and see for managerial awareness and technical completeness within a set scope.

You get compliancy

RealBCP provides compliancy to all commonly known BCM standards and frameworks.  

You get a future-proof solution

We only rest when we know your continuity management is supported, known by all stakeholders and really working (tested).

You will experience quality

We see to get you a matching team of Certified Consultants who will effectively enhence and internalize your resilience and maturity.

You will get the most out of it

Business Continuity Intelligence is now made instantly exploitable, wether you are in an implementation-, awareness- or real-crisis session.  

RealBCP shortens crisis’ response times independently from your Organization’s already achieved maturity.  RealBCP promisses to deliver visible results rapidly.

You will feel good and confident

We see that your BCMS is complete and that a measurable return on investment is obtained.

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