...a Business Continuity Management System...enabling resilience, protecting values EU-GDPR-ready, cloud-based, secured, integrated, practical, complete business continuity platform...letting you focus on the essence resiliance.


About us

...what we can do for you: business continuity management and data protection governance (

Why choose us.

We believe that strong corporate governance contributes effectively to a safer world and better Organizations. Thereto, we share our passion in business continuity management.

What we do.

We help creating your Organization’s ability and agility to resist, organize and communicate when it is confronted with an event, situation or evolution that affects normal business operations, corporate future and- image.

How we do it.

RealBCP offers an integrated business continuity management system combined with expert business services tailored to your business needs.

What we can do for you.

Get the most out of it

You want

Co-creative and knowledge-sharing consultants, experiencers and innovators, results.


You get

Completeness, compliancy, a future proof solution.


You will

Experience quality, get the most out of it, feel confident and good

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